We are a Business Club with a national network of like minded members
We promote business start-ups and franchises
We assist in job creation for yourself
Earn extra income by    
This will lead to loads of passive income
Work from home – fantastic work environment= no rent
You can
  • choose your own hours - part time or full time
  • suitable for families, scholars ,students and pensioners
  • No risk
Many legal tax breaks
Optimize home environment

  • Become a club member
  • Be a leader in your  community
  • Received a  free business
  • Receive an exclusive territory
    • A chosen suburb
    • 1000 Households
  • Synergize all efforts
    • Us to you
    • You to us and the rest of SA ( even worldwide )
  • You as member gets a membership number
  • You register members of your community and start the free business-excellent way of introduction.
    • Get email addresses and permission to email, sms, Whatsapp and invite to receive tweets.
    • Letter of introduction both from FAHB and DDD
    • Introduce business partners and introduce to other club members nationally
    • Receive notice of other businesses from fellow club members
    • Look for Uneekstuff™ and introduce nationally and receive notice of fellow club members
    • Look for daytodaystuff™- follow the same as the above
    • Tutor and mentor in the process.

  • Extra income
  • Job creation
  • Work from home
  • Tax breaks
  • Unique business model – passive income generation

  • Your home is your base – a chosen suburb or 1000 households
  • Become the household name in your community
  • Claim your territory

  • You, your family, scholars, students, pensioners
  • Partner with other parties in your community

  • Start immediately
  • Membership application
  • Payment
  • Receive area and sign agreement


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